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We greatly value the executive coaching expertise that Hughes Solutions provides. Their guidance helps our senior leaders serve to their highest potential in today's fast-paced and highly complex environment.
Cathy Evans
Chief People Officer, Planned Parenthood, Metropolitan Washington DC
Donna presented a zoom seminar for our group on “Empowering Your Negotiations.” Donna is insightful, engaging, relatable and passionate. She effectively led a group discussion, and really made the screen come to life. While I was familiar with the topic (and have read and participated in other discussions regarding the topic), Donna’s workshop really helped me have a “mindshift” above my own negotiation style. I also found her to be extremely helpful and enthusiastic in planning the event. I would definitely recommend her in the future for both coaching sessions and offering training and group coaching.
Susan Kleiner
Partner, OGC Solutions
Hughes Solutions has been a key partner in helping me navigate significant organizational change as well as career growth. Through coaching, I have gained the necessary confidence to step into my own leadership style that has allowed me to develop relationships and build trust to move the organization forward.
Interim-General Counsel, Healthcare
I had the honor of having Donna as a mentor prior to coaching. Engaging her for professional coaching was the best thing I could have done because Donna is an expert. She provided clarity when I was looking for professional alignment with my personal life. She engages in role play and asks tough questions and helps you find the answers that aren’t readily on the surface. I’ll use her again and again and again!
Employment Counsel, Fortune 500 Logistics Company
Reaching the C-Suite does not mean that your professional development has come to an end. Working with Donna has been my portal into the consistent growth that is necessary in today’s fast-paced business environment. Donna’s coaching style is one of introspection. Her guidance is delivered as a means for her client to discover, within one’s own mind, the solutions that enhance leadership presence and performance. Donna inspires mindfulness in a frenetic corporate world, encouraging her clients to “stop and think” before taking action. Her energy is contagious and motivating. Following each session, I come away with new tools to apply to my day-to-day executive responsibilities and always look forward to our next discussion.
Healthcare C-Suite Executive
Hughes Solutions' coaching has been a transformative influence on my professional trajectory. As my most impactful executive coach, her ability to impart an executive perspective to workplace challenges is unparalleled. The tangible outcomes I've witnessed in my performance and the sense of accomplishment I derive from my achievements are a direct result of my coach's unwavering support. My coach's adeptness in illuminating personal growth, even in instances when it might go unnoticed, underscores her exceptional coaching approach. My coach's wealth of experience and expertise resonates consistently throughout our interactions, making her an invaluable asset to my professional development.
Director of Privacy Compliance, Top Real Estate Marketplace Company

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