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From Uncertainty to Clarity:

Executive Coaching For Effective Organizational Transformation

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The stakes are high during a major organizational transformation. Success is the only option.

Navigating the intricate landscape of sophisticated organizational change requires more than just talent—it requires wisdom from lived experience. Our team of coaches have led, advised, and/or coached leaders during dynamic times in their organizations. We understand the leadership competencies needed to succeed.

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Steer Clear of Transformation Pitfalls: Executive Coaching as Your Financial Safeguard

Successful transformations are crucial for organizational growth and competitiveness in today’s evolving business landscape. However, the journey is fraught with challenges with significant financial implications. Consider these findings that underscore the difficulty of transformations and the importance of strong leadership in the midst of organizational change:

Acknowledge the Transformation Challenge:

70% of major organizational transformations do not achieve their intended goals. (McKinsey & Company)

Adapt to Increasingly Complex Transformations:

60% of transformation leaders now see transformations as ongoing, with 82% managing two or more transformations simultaneously. (KPMG)

Lead with Empathy:

Providing emotional support for employees is a critical component for the success of any transformation. (Harvard Business Review)

Cultivate Innovation:

Successful transformations require building a culture that actively encourages innovation and new thinking. (Ernst & Young)

Executive coaching makes the difference for leaders driving organizational change:
Exceptional ROI:

Executive Coaching consistently delivers a remarkable return on investment, with the average ROI standing at an impressive 7x (PWC and Associate Resource Center Survey).

Cultivating Excellence:

Organizations with a strong coaching culture tend to be high-performing, underscoring the impact of developed leaders on overall success (Human Capital Institute and International Coaching Federation).

Embracing Agility:

In today's competitive landscape, leadership development must prioritize agility and readiness for whatever challenges lie ahead. (2023 Global Leadership Study, published in the Harvard Business Review)

Hughes Solutions

Transforming Executives, Leaders & Teams: Our Expertise at Your Service With Five Solutions

Leadership and team dynamics are unique to every organization. We customize our five solutions below to address the unique needs of leaders and teams, no matter where they stand in their growth journey.

Two women in an executive coaching session

Executive Coaching:

Tailored for senior leaders at the VP level and above, our executive coaching program offers:

  • A custom coaching plan equipped with quantitative and qualitative tools to identify challenges, set ambitious objectives, and fast-track results.
  • Tools at your disposal range from DiSC, TTI Success Insights Leadership Development, Hogan, 360 reviews, to insightful exercises and materials.
  • A dedicated 6-month period of 1:1 coaching, ensuring steady progress and measurable outcomes.
  • Access to your coach between sessions for pressing concerns.

Leadership Coaching:

Designed for ambitious mid-level leaders, primarily Directors, this program focuses on:

  • Enhancing leadership efficacy – addressing current challenges and opportunities to reach potential and/or stretching leader’s readiness for advancement
  • Tools at your disposal range from DiSC, TTI Success Insights Leadership Development, Hogan, 360 reviews, to insightful exercises and materials.
  • A dedicated 6-month period of 1:1 coaching, ensuring steady progress and measurable outcomes.

Cohort Coaching:

This offering centers on workshops and training sessions for cohesive team growth:

  • Facilitated sessions on various vital topics including:
    1. Productive Conflict Resolution
    2. Values-driven Culture Transformation
    3. Effective Communication
    4. Instilling a Growth Mindset: Skills building includes frameworks for continuous learning, agility, active listening, creating effective feedback loops, instilling confidence, motivation and inclusive behaviors

Advisory Services

Our advisory services cater exclusively to CHRO clients. Founder Donna Hughes, a former Chief People Officer, leads strategic consulting that empowers CHRO clients to confidently navigate culture and talent transformation in the midst of business transformation, excel as a confidante to the CEO and executive team, and as management lead to the company board of directors.
Donna Hughes sitting in front of a chair speaking to an audience

Keynote Speaking

With over 25 years of corporate experience and multifaceted expertise as a human resource executive, organizational leadership coach, and seasoned attorney, Donna is a sought-after voice in leadership transformation. Dedicated to empowering the next wave of leaders, Donna underscores the importance of embracing change as a catalyst for personal and organizational evolution. Through her compelling talks, she offers a blend of actionable insights and powerful narratives, guiding professionals to navigate challenges and craft a brighter, growth-focused future.

While our five main service offerings are designed to provide a structured framework, we’re more than willing to craft a solution tailored to your distinct challenges and goals. If none of our services seems like the ideal fit, simply reach out. We’re here to design a coaching experience that’s uniquely yours.

Client Reviews

Hear from those who’ve thrived with Hughes Solutions’ guidance:

Hughes Solutions has been a key partner in helping me navigate significant organizational change as well as career growth. Through coaching, I have gained the necessary confidence to step into my own leadership style that has allowed me to develop relationships and build trust to move the organization forward.

N.T. Interim-General Counsel, Healthcare

I had the honor of having Donna as a mentor prior to coaching. Engaging her for professional coaching was the best thing I could have done because Donna is an expert. She provided clarity when I was looking for professional alignment with my personal life. She engages in role play and asks tough questions and helps you find the answers that aren’t readily on the surface. I’ll use her again and again and again!

R.C. Employment Counsel, Fortune 500 Logistics Company

Donna presented a zoom seminar for our group on “Empowering Your Negotiations.” Donna is insightful, engaging, relatable and passionate. She effectively led a group discussion, and really made the screen come to life. While I was familiar with the topic (and have read and participated in other discussions regarding the topic), Donna’s workshop really helped me have a “mindshift” above my own negotiation style. I also found her to be extremely helpful and enthusiastic in planning the event. I would definitely recommend her in the future for both coaching sessions and offering training and group coaching.

Susan Kleiner Partner, OGC Solutions

Reaching the C-Suite does not mean that your professional development has come to an end. Working with Donna has been my portal into the consistent growth that is necessary in today’s fast-paced business environment. Donna’s coaching style is one of introspection. Her guidance is delivered as a means for her client to discover, within one’s own mind, the solutions that enhance leadership presence and performance. Donna inspires mindfulness in a frenetic corporate world, encouraging her clients to “stop and think” before taking action. Her energy is contagious and motivating. Following each session, I come away with new tools to apply to my day-to-day executive responsibilities and always look forward to our next discussion.

D.L. Healthcare C-Suite Executive

We greatly value the executive coaching expertise that Hughes Solutions provides. Their guidance helps our senior leaders serve to their highest potential in today's fast-paced and highly complex environment.

Cathy Evans Chief People Officer, Planned Parenthood, Metropolitan Washington DC

Hughes Solutions' coaching has been a transformative influence on my professional trajectory. As my most impactful executive coach, her ability to impart an executive perspective to workplace challenges is unparalleled. The tangible outcomes I've witnessed in my performance and the sense of accomplishment I derive from my achievements are a direct result of my coach's unwavering support. My coach's adeptness in illuminating personal growth, even in instances when it might go unnoticed, underscores her exceptional coaching approach. My coach's wealth of experience and expertise resonates consistently throughout our interactions, making her an invaluable asset to my professional development.

L.B. Director of Privacy Compliance, Top Real Estate Marketplace Company

Empowering Leaders, Elevating Organizations:
Real-world Client Successes

At Hughes Solutions, we’ve witnessed numerous executives’ and businesses’ transformative journeys, navigating the intricate terrains of leadership and organizational dynamics. Below are a few tangible benefits our clients have achieved, both for their organizations and themselves, through our specialized coaching programs.

Key wins for the organization

Surpassed Financial Expectations

In the midst of merger talks and fear of layoffs, executive honed his leadership skills to inspire and guide teams to exceed financial targets, instilling a sense of achievement and resilience

Evaded Legal Setbacks with Confidence

Through coaching, leader discovered their voice and strategies to best influence key stakeholders, averting financial risks and protecting organizational assets.

Effectively Navigated Employee Retention Challenges

Through the safe space provided by coaching, leader owned responsibility, learned how to shift approach to handling conflict, thereby improving relationships and driving down employee turnover rate

Led with Compassion During Organizational Change

Through improved communication and empathy, executives improved engagement, broke down silos, and secured the adoption necessary for their teams to ban together and drive a major company transformation

Key wins for the individual

Seamlessly Transitioned to C-Suite

As a result of coaching, executive transitioned from feeling overwhelmed to exhibiting confidence, driving execution on strategy, and receiving positive feedback from colleagues and board of directors

Established Respect & Credibility

Leader achieved coaching goal of becoming more known as a strategist and innovative thinker in support of overall business strategy, and not just their function.

Advocated for Personal Worth

Leader effectively communicated individual contributions and potential, securing key stakeholder support and career advancement.

Turned Challenges into Assets

Leader reoriented limited thinking about their qualifications, leaned into their unique strengths and authenticity, contributed more, and as result became a well-received key player of the leadership team.


A Few Common Questions We Get:


Absolutely. We prioritize and maintain complete confidentiality in our work.  And, our coaches follow the ethical guidelines of the International Coaching Federation, which includes confidentiality requirements.

For coaching, we typically engage in 6-month one-on-one sessions.  Some engagements are shorter or longer depending on the coachee’s needs.  

CHRO advisory services most often start with 6-month engagements as well.

Besides coaching, we provide training sessions, workshops, and advisory consulting for select clientele. Learn more about our diverse offerings here
Absolutely. Contact us, and we’ll discuss an offering specific to your needs.

Our coaching sessions are facilitated virtually via Zoom for convenience and flexibility. Hughes Solutions may also be able to accommodate in-person coaching on a case-by-case basis upon request.

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