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Navigating Change with Agility

Donna Hughes' Strategies For Embracing Change And Cultivating Growth

Donna Hughes sitting in front of a chair speaking to an audience
"How you show up in a time of crisis will be remembered for a very long time"
Donna Hughes, Moments with M3 - The Leadership Podcast with Mary Malone McCarthy
At a recent Keynote to the Arizona Alliance for Community Health Centers, Donna inspires:

“Donna Hughes was such an inspiring speaker who encouraged us as leaders to think outside of the box. One thing that stuck with me was the word “transparency”. She encouraged us to be empathetic and nurture our teams because they will [continue to] show up despite the change if we are honest and transparent.”


Morrisa Rice, Ph.D., Health Center Engagement Deputy Director for the Health Resources and Services Administration

“…timely and well-received as our health centers continue to adapt … Her focus on grounding ourselves in our unique ‘why’ for doing this work resonated with many of our mission-driven attendees.”

Jessica Yanow, CEO Arizona Alliance for Community Health Centers

Donna's Notable Podcast Appearances & Speaking Engagements

Notable Podcasts

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Engaging Topics for Your Organization with Donna as Your Speaker

Turning Change into a Launchpad for Growth: Engaging Topics Donna Can Speak About

With over 25 years of corporate experience, Donna Hughes has become a master of turning the tides of change into opportunities. As a former Chief People Officer of a multi-billion-dollar entity, her multifaceted expertise as a human resource executive, organizational leadership coach, and seasoned attorney makes her a sought-after voice in leadership transformation. Dedicated to empowering the next wave of leaders, Donna underscores the importance of embracing change as a catalyst for personal and organizational evolution. Through her compelling talks, she offers actionable insights and powerful narratives, guiding professionals to navigate challenges and craft a brighter, growth-focused future.

Donna can speak about the following topics or craft a tailored presentation for your audience:

Leading In The Midst of Change

The past few years have been marked by unprecedented changes, leading to significant challenges in the workforce. As leaders, how do we navigate the evolving landscape and maintain a thriving culture in an era of relentless transformation? In this compelling session, Donna will:

• Prompt a deep dive into your personal rapport with change.
• Ignite a passion to amplify your leadership potential during transitional times.
• Guide an exploration of essential leadership skills required in uncertain periods.
• Propel you to convert workplace hurdles into leadership growth opportunities.

Turning Limitations into Opportunities: A Leadership Perspective

In our constantly evolving world, leaders can either view challenges as limitations or gateways to immense possibilities. Donna delves into the intricacies of leadership during transformational times, underscoring the significance of a leader's personal "why" as an anchor in tumultuous waters. In her captivating session, attendees will gain insights on:

• The power of personal narratives in shaping leadership responses.
• Embracing change not as an endpoint but as an ongoing journey.
• The deep-rooted connection between a leader's "why" and their resilience in times of upheaval.
• Strategies to set the pace and lead by example amidst challenges.

Conscious Servant Leadership: Cultivating Empathy, Awareness, and Responsibility in Modern Management

Donna delves deep into the essence of servant leadership and crafting an environment rich in empathy, awareness, and responsibility. She underscores her belief that leadership is an act of service and a gift that should be mindfully cultivated. Throughout her session, participants can anticipate insights into:

• Creating a culture that wins hearts and minds and a unique loyalty between leaders and their teams.
• Creating inclusive spaces, fostering collaboration, and innovative solution-building.
• The distinct roles of mentoring, coaching, sponsorship, and allyship and how they advance interpersonal relationships and foster a trusting culture.
• Driving community responsibility and business relationships rooted in organizational values, mission, and vision.

Developing a Growth Mindset Culture for Organizational Success

Donna has donned many hats, and her extensive experience has crystallized a core belief: Culture is paramount to success. In this enlightening session, attendees will gain insights into:

• The transformative power of a growth mindset in shaping organizational culture.
• How fostering a continuous learning and innovation culture can lead to an engaged and high-performing workforce.
• The crucial role of leaders as both 'builders' and 'servers'
• Donna's leadership journey and how her 'builder' and 'server' approach impacts team dynamics and success.

Empowering Your Negotiations: Bridging Gaps

Negotiation is paramount in today's evolving professional landscape, especially for women, and women of color. Whether it's advancing in the workplace, settling disputes, or enhancing business partnerships, negotiation skills are indispensable. Donna will equip the audience to advocate for themselves and champion their team and mentees. Donna will discuss takeaways such as:

Unlocking Career Potential with Negotiation: Learn from Donna's journey as she demonstrates how adept negotiation can propel your career forward, achieving results you've only dreamed of.
Tools for Empowerment: Strategies and insights to boost confidence and the ability to advocate for themselves and their teams.

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